WorkflowHub project


Project pages for developing and running WorkflowHub, a registry of scientific workflows.

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Updating a registered workflow


Before you update a registered workflow, you need to ensure that you

Updating the metadata

Go to the Actions dropdown menu and click Edit Workflow to change the metadata of the registered workflow. Note that updates made in the metadata will not affect the metadata in the RO-crate, yet (upcoming feature).

Updating the main workflow file

Versioning of workflows is supported as we speak, but is still experimental. The feature is better known as Upload a new version in the Actions dropdown menu and is detached from changes in the metadata. Note that at this moment it is not possible to update the optionally uploaded CWL abstract and/or diagram, meaning that these can become out of sync if the main workflow file is updated. We are planning a total overhaul of the versioning any time soon.