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What is a Team, Space, and Organization

What is a Team?

A Team represents a group of one or more people collaborating together on a particular activity. The team provides the ability to describe and promote the activity, and also give credit back to the team. The Team will have a title, and optionally a description, public website and avatar graphic. Users need to be a member of a team before they can register items, which will then be related to that Team. A user can be in many Teams without limit.

As well as providing credit, a team also has useful abilities such as default Sharing permissions and licence, and the ability to easily set sharing permissions across all members.

The Team will have its own administrator - usually the user that initially requested it. The administrator can add and remove members, and set their roles and define additional administrators. They may also define new Organization, Profiles (to describe members that have not yet registered) and Organisms.

What is a Space?

Spaces are an umbrella that contains one or more Teams. They are a self-administered area, that describes a broad activity (usually related to a funded grant), such as a consortium, or a long-running activity that will need additional Teams.

Once approved, The Space will have its own administrator who is free to immediately create additional Teams without requiring additional approval.

The Space must have a title, and can optionally also have a description, funding details, website, and avatar graphic.

For users that just require a single Team, and don’t require a Space, they can choose to just have a site managed Space. They will then just administer their Team without needing to worry about Spaces. Their Team can be moved to their own Space in the future if necessary.

What is an Organization?

Your Organization is your affiliation within the context of the Team. It can be an academic institution, company, department, club etc.

An Organization only requires a title, but can also include optional location information about the city and country.

You will be asked to choose or define a new Organization when joining or creating a Team. You can be linked to different Organizations for different Teams.