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Please feel free to help contribute to this roadmap through the WorkflowHub Club or as feedback!

Please note that the roadmap isn’t a project plan or release schedule. The WorkflowHub Club is a very dynamic and agile team, and the roadmap is reviewed and updated regularly. It’s purpose is to give a general indication of intent and direction of travel.

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Spring 2023

  • Improved workflow branding
  • Extended execution link support (additional Galaxy instances, Jupyter/Binder, Nextflow Tower, etc.)
  • GitHub app for automated workflow submission
  • Improved curation support
  • Workflow/WorkflowHub best-practice guide

Late 2023

  • Support for linking together workflows to variants and subworkflows
  • Better RO-Crate support for additional Workflow Management Systems (e.g. Snakemake, Nextflow)
  • Working with Workflow Management Systems to improve how tool metadata is exposed in their native formats
  • Closer collaboration with journals
  • Targeting additional workflow communities on GitHub, GitLab etc. (in addition to IWC, nf-core)
  • Collecting basic workflow execution metrics

2024 onwards

  • One-click publish of workflows to LifeMonitor
  • Curation campaign
  • OpenEBench integration
  • Registering as a trusted registry and adhering to the TRUST principles