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Project pages for developing and running WorkflowHub, a registry of scientific workflows.

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WorkflowHub project

WorkflowHub is a new FAIR workflow registry sponsored by the European RI Cluster EOSC-Life and the European Research Infrastructure ELIXIR. It is workflow management system agnostic: workflows may remain in their native repositories in their native forms.

This website describes the open source project for developing and running WorkflowHub.

For more details, see About WorkflowHub, FAIR Computational Workflows, Outreach and Publications.

Code of conduct

This project has a Code of Conduct to ensure interactions are friendly, respectful and inclusive. You can contact if you have any concerns or questions.

User Guide

For any kind of questions or suggestions on using WorkflowHub, feel free to join our community!


For developer questions such as on REST APIs, RO-Crate, or setting up your own instance of WorkflowHub, feel free to join our community!

Project resources


Regular meeting: WorkflowHub Club - all welcome!

Anyone is welcome to join the weekly WorkflowHub Club calls using Zoom.

See the list of club members on the acknowledgement page.


FAIR Computational Workflows workshop (2020-09-02)

The WorkflowHub team organized the Workshop on FAIR Computational Workflows at the 19th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB 2020).

Organizers: Ignacio Eguinoa, Björn Grüning, Frederik Coppens, Carole Goble, Stian Soiland-Reyes, Salvador Capella-Gutierrez

Talks included:

The workshop organizers aim to make all slides available later.

BCC2020 CollaborationFest (2020-07-22 / 2020-07-23)

WorkflowHub was one of the working clusters at the BCC2020 CollaborationFest as part of Bioinformatics Community Conference 2020.

Activities included a Bring your own Workflow session to register more workflows at

Improving support for Galaxy workflows worked closely with Galaxy developers at BCC and the topic Exporting RO-Crate/BioCompute-Object packaged workflows from Galaxy which made a first release of the RO-Crate Python library and alignments with BioCompute Object.

Metadata and BioSchemas aligned and released BioSchemas ComputationalWorkflow profile 0.5 which was also aligned with the next version of RO-Crate.

IWC for Galaxy Workflows looked at API for workflow registration and created an open source license drop-down list for workflows.


COVID-19 BioHackathon (2020-04-05 / 2020-04-11)

WorkflowHub was one of the topics at the Virtual COVID-19 BioHackathon, attracting more than 30 developers. The participants also collaborated with the Workflows and FAIR Data topics.

Thanks to the collaborative effort WorkflowHub could be launched early at in a "pre-beta" stage. The COVID-19 workflows registered at the hackathon now appear as part of


Other resources

Planning documents

These planning documents are from the WorkflowHub Google Drive. Check their edit history, these may be incomplete or drafts.

Related resources
  • SEEK is the underlying platform used by the WorkflowHub
  • RO-Crate is a metadata/packaging mechanism, used by WorkflowHub for exchange of workflows
  • BioSchemas Workflows - a suggested new type for describing computational workflows
  • Common Workflow Language (CWL) is an executable workflow language, which WorkflowHub use primarily for descriptive functions
Workflow repositories

WorkflowHub intends to harvest workflows from existing workflow repositories, including:

Acknowledgements lead development is part of EOSC-Life, funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement 824087.


We are also grateful for contributions from ELIXIR Europe,
FAIRDOM (BB/M013189/1), BioExcel-2 (823830), IBISBA (730976, 871118), SYNTHESYS+ (823827), FAIR Workflows and others.

See a complete list on the acknowledgement page.