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Project pages for developing and running the WorkflowHub, a registry of scientific workflows.

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WorkflowHub project

This website describes the project for developing and running the WorkflowHub.

Code of conduct

This project has a Code of Conduct to ensure interactions are friendly, respectful and inclusive. You can contact if you have any concerns or questions.

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Regular meeting

Workflow Hub Club - all welcome!

Anyone is welcome to join the weekly Workflow Hub Club calls using Zoom.

Other resources

COVID-19 BioHackathon (2020-04-05 / 2020-04-11)

Workflow Hub is one of the topics at the Virtual COVID-19 BioHackathon:

This topic proposes to set up an early pre-production instance of the Workflow Hub,, to be a registry that gather the COVID-19 workflows and their metadata. Part of the tasks here is also to curate the existing workflows and help making them interoperable, reusable and reproducible.

The curated metadata will be in a FAIR format based on RO-Crate and BioSchemas annotations and maintained separate from the Workflow Hub; where possible contributed back to the workflow's origin GitHub repositories.

Anyone is welcome to join!

Planning documents

These planning documents are from the Workflow Hub Google Drive. Check their edit history, these may be incomplete or drafts.

Related resources
  • SEEK is the underlying platform used by the Workflow Hub
  • RO Crate is a metadata/packaging mechanism, used by Workflow Hub for exchange of workflows
  • BioSchemas Workflows - a suggested new type for describing computational workflows
  • Common Workflow Language (CWL) is an executable workflow language, which Workflow Hub use primarily for descriptive functions
Workflow repositories

Workflow Hub intends to harvest workflows from existing workflow repositories, including:

Acknowledgements is developed as part of EOSC-Life, funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement 824087.