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Quick start guide

Tip: We recommend importing a git repository (e.g. GitHub), since WorkflowHub is a hub / registry and not a repository.

  1. Login to WorkflowHub
  2. Select Contribute on the main page
  3. Select the Import Git repository option
  4. Add your Git repository URL and click Register
  5. Complete the required metadata (title, projects/teams and creators)
  6. Click Register
  7. Review the final workflow entry and edit as needed

Did you know? You can also register your workflow using a Research Object Crate (RO-Crate). This is an option for advanced users, and further instructions can be found here. The advanced way: registering a workflow RO-crate When you have created a workflow RO-Crate of your workflow using the python package, and want to upload or reference it.

In development Registering a workflow RO-Crate using the API We are working on a WorkflowHub API that will allow the user to automatically register workflow RO-Crates. Not all features are yet developed, but a glimpse of the API can be found here.