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  • 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects

    The 1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects takes place between 26-28 October 2022. WorkflowHub features in several talks and posters highlighting how RO-Crate is a web-native and practical implementation of FDOs.

  • WorkflowHub in EOSC4Cancer and EuroScienceGateway

    WorkflowHub and RO-Crate both will feature in the recently funded EOSC4Cancer and EuroScienceGateway projects.

  • WorkflowHub featured at Defragmentation Training School

    Prof. Carole Goble presented “Introduction to FAIR principles for computational workflows” at the Defragmentation Training School, where WorkflowHub was recommended as key resource for finding and sharing worfklows.

  • WorkflowHub Usability Study

    The WorkflowHub Usability study is looking for volunteers to help improve the usability of WorkflowHub

  • WorkflowHub-Git Integration

    WorkflowHub now has deeper Git support, when making a New Version it is possible to directly import a workflow from a Git repository on GitHub, GitLab, or any other web-accessible location.