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Old Roadmap

June 2020

  • ☑ Investigating/designing improvements to storage mechanism to allow storage of workflows as directories (as opposed to Zip files)
  • ☑ Improving user registration guidance
  • ☑ Implementing link back to workflow origin (e.g. to a GitHub repo)
  • ☑ Finalising the Workflow Bioschemas & Metadata
    -> Meta-data discussion notes
  • ☑ Implementing “Collections” - User-maintained lists of workflows (and other things)
  • ☑ Migrating COVID-19 WorkflowHub to more generic version (and re-directing covid-19 domain to list of covid-19 workflows)

July 2020

  • EOSCLife WorkflowHub pre-Beta release
  • ☑ Updating guidance on adding your workflow
  • RO-Crate Python Library released
  • ☑ Improving user registration experience/flow
  • ☑ Implementing basic versioning of workflows
  • ☑ Allowing claiming ownership/credit for a registered workflows (people associated with a workflow)
  • ☑ Synchronising the current Workflow RO-Crate with bioschemas and RO-Crate 1.1 (ro-crate #81, #100)

August 2020

  • General maintenance during vacation period

September 2020

  • EOSCLife WorkflowHub Beta release
  • ☑ Initial GA4GH TRS API implementation
  • ☑ Analysis and Design of improved directory storage based upon a git backend

October to December 2020

  • ☑ One-click execution of Galaxy workflows using the GA4GH TRS API
  • ☑ User Interface Experience (UX) Trial
  • ☑ Additional improvements to User Registration process (following UX Trial)
  • Bioschemas draft for ComputationWorkflow and related updates
  • ☑ Planning and Design of Life Monitor integration through API’s and RO-Crate
  • ☑ Workflow RO-Crate extensions to support testing, and example and test data

January to June 2021

  • ☑ Integration support for Workflow testing with LifeMonitor
  • ☑ Implementing upload/parsing of Workflow RO-Crates through API
  • ☑ GA4GH TRS request from Galaxy Europe - Full case
  • ☑ Improved versioning support
  • ☑ Metadata about tools natively supported by the WfMS more exposed - working with key WfMS (PARTIALLY)

July to December 2021

  • ☑ Implementing the improved directory storage based upon a git backend
  • ☑ Assisted registration of Github Workflows
  • ☑ Further versioning support, with automated versioning of Workflows registered from Github

January to June 2022

  • Improved license selection
  • Displaying Lifemonitor results for Workflow entries
  • Nextflow -> CWL Abstract (volunteers needed, potential research/MsC project?)
  • Better RO-Crate support for additional Workflow Management Systems, beyond Galaxy
  • Continued Metadata about tools natively supported by the WfMS more exposed - working with key WfMS
  • Linking workflow steps to
  • RO-Crate profile to describe Workflow Runs, including provenance and results