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RO-Crate Submission API

Submitting Workflows

To submit a new workflow to WorkflowHub as an RO-Crate, POST a multipart request to the /workflows endpoint with the following parameters:

  • ro_crate - The RO-Crate Zip file
  • workflow[project_ids][] - The ID of the Team that should own the RO-Crate. Can be included multiple times to be owned by more than one team.

To add a new version to an existing workflow, POST to e.g. /workflows/123/create_version where 123 is the workflow ID.

To change the policy and other metadata of the workflow, see the JSON API docs


The following examples assume authentication via API token. See the docs for details on other authentication methods.

They also assume your RO-Crate is in a file named, and you want to add it to a Team with ID 1234.


curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Token YOUR_TOKEN_HERE" \
     -F workflow[project_ids][]=1234 \

Python + requests

import requests
payload = { 'ro_crate': (' ', open('', 'rb')), 
            'workflow[project_ids][]': (None, '1234') }
headers = { 'authorization': 'Token YOUR_TOKEN_HERE' }

response ='', files=payload, headers=headers)