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Quick start guide

WorkflowHub will help make your workflows findable and citable, and this guide will help you get started with that process.

1. Register yourself on WorkflowHub

Register yourself on the sign up page of WorkflowHub if you do not have an account. You can also log in using your LS Login or GitHub credentials.

2. Decide which Space you would like to create a Team in

Figure 1 below highlights the basic structure of WorkflowHub, and examples of the three types of Spaces where you could create a Team. Learn more about Teams and Spaces here.

You can request to create a Team in any or all of the following Spaces:

Spaces and teams explained

Fig 1. Left - the relationship between the structural elements of WorkflowHub: Spaces, Teams and workflows. Right - examples of where you can create your new team on WorkflowHub.

3. Create a team or join an existing team

Go to the create and join a team page from WorkflowHub to do so.

More information on how to join a team can be found on the how to create and join teams and spaces

Figure 2 shows the minimum information required for a new team, which includes:

  • Space - the space you selected or created in step 2 above
  • Team name
  • Team organization - the organization that should be linked to your team on WorkflowHub. e.g. University of Melbourne
minimum information

Fig 2. Screenshot of required minimum information (numbered) that needs to be entered into the Create a New Team wizard on WorkflowHub.

4. Register workflow(s)

Workflows can be registered using the WorkflowHub wizard

There is an extensive guide to the workflow registration process available in the WorkflowHub documentation.