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FAIR Signposting and FAIR Digital Objects (FDO)

FAIR Signposting is a way to provide explicit navigations to the constituent parts of resources, e.g. from a HTML landing page as redirected from a persistent identifier.

The below example shows how the signposting is provided as part of the WorkflowHub entry for a workflow.

curl --head

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Content-Length: 30731
Link: <> ;
      rel="describedby" ;
  <> ;
      rel="describedby" ;
  <> ;
      rel="item" ;
      type="application/zip" ;

This provides navigation to the DataCite XML, Bioschemas JSON-LD and RO-Crate.

The signposting-py library and command line tool can be used as an example of programmatic use of the Signposting headers:

$ signposting
Signposting for 
CiteAs: <>
DescribedBy: <> application/vnd.datacite.datacite+xml
             <> application/ld+json
Item: <> application/zip
>>> import signposting
>>> s = signposting.find_signposting_http("")
>>> [ for i in s.items]

FAIR Digital Objects

Use of Signposting with WorkflowHub and RO-Crate pioneered the use of Lightweight FAIR Digital Objects.