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Check the uploaded workflow

  • Make sure that all the metadata you filled in previously is shown properly and is correct (Fig 10).
  • WorkflowHub generates an RO-Crate based on these files and the metadata you filled in while registering the workflow.
  • Click Download RO-Crate to check whether all metadata files (JSON-LD and HTML) are correctly generated.
  • Figure 11 shows a real world workflow for Cheminformatics registered on WorkflowHub.

check your workflow: Add new files or perform actions (new versions, edits, deletions). Check Description, Creators, Submitter, Tags, Attributions. Inspect files.

Fig 10. Sections to be checked upon workflow registration completion.

Cheminformatics - XCChem combined.

Fig 11. Real world Cheminformatics workflow registered on WorkflowHub.